Spies Public Library Meeting Room Policies and Procedures

Policy The meeting rooms at the Spies Public Library are provided free of charge as a public service for use by non-profit community groups when not in use for Library affiliated or sponsored activities.

The main meeting room has a maximum capacity of 50 people.

Commercial organizations or businesses can use the rooms for $50/half day (4 hours) and $75/full day (more than 4 hours) if no sales are involved. Fees are payable the day of the meeting. The Spies Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to restrict or deny usage.

Reservations Individuals and groups wishing to use a meeting room may make advance booking for up to two uses per month not more than four (4 months) ahead. Meeting rooms are only available during regular library hours.

Persons wishing to reserve a meeting room should contact the Spies Public Library either by telephone or in person.

The Library Director shall have the authority to approve, renew, or reject requests for use of the meeting rooms and facilities. The library reserves the right to cancel when unforeseen circumstance such as power outages, weather conditions, or conflicts with library affiliated or sponsored events occur. The Spies Public Library Board of Trustees holds the ultimate authority.

Permission to use the Spies Public Library meeting facilities will be denied to any organization and/or meeting whose purpose is illegal; whose conduct would interfere with the proper functioning of the Library; whose purpose is for commercial, monetary gain; who uses the facility as a place of business; and whose activity does not have adult sponsorship. Permission will also be denied to individuals or groups wishing to book meeting facilities for parties, receptions, or other social events.

The Spies Public Library Board of Trustees and staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting in the Library.

Endorsement Use of these meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of a program or point of view expressed. No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement is permitted.

An organization may not use the name and address of the Library as its headquarters or as the official address of the organization.

Administrative and other Procedures • The library staff cannot take telephone messages for individuals using the meeting room. • No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed on Library property. Smoking is prohibited. Candles are prohibited. • Arrangement of furniture and setting-up of furniture is to be done by the organization or persons using the room. Each organization and persons using the room shall be responsible for cleaning up and restoring the room to its original condition before leaving. Costs for restoring the condition of the room may be billed; for example, coffee or food spills etc. • Meetings of groups whose members are under age eighteen (18) must be supervised and attended by an adult at all times. • Distribution of pamphlets leaflets, etc., and soliciting for the purchase of goods or services in the building by persons or organizations using the meeting room will not be permitted outside of the room. • Publicity for events conducted in the Spies Public Library meeting rooms which are by organizations not connected with the Spies Public Library should in no way imply or suggest library sponsorship of the events.