Unattended Children and Disruptive Behavior

Children are welcomed at the Library, but for their safety, all children under the age of 7 years must be accompanied in the Library by an adult who directly supervises the child during his/her visit.

Children Under 7 left unattended in the library – procedures If it is determined that a child is lost or unattended, a staff member will try to locate the parent or responsible adult: ● ask the child where parent is or walk around the library to find the parent ● if the parent is not found in the building, a library staff member should stay with the child until the parent can be located ● under no circumstances should a library staff member take a child out of the library building. If the library has been closed, then two staff members should wait with the child inside the library building. No staff member should take the child home. ●If the parents, grandparents or guardian cannot be reached within an hour, or if the library is closing, the Menominee Police will be contacted. Staff member will ask a disruptive unattended child under the age of 7 to correct his/her behavior if behavior persists – the above guidelines will be followed.

Disruptive Attended Children – procedures Disruptive behavior is any form of behavior that seriously or constantly disturbs library patrons or staff, damages library property, interferes with library service or endangers the well-being of the disruptive child or others. • Children who are disruptive will be asked by library staff member to behave • If the disruptive behavior continues, a staff member should inform the parent or guardian that their child is disturbing others • If the parent or guardian refuses or is unable to control the behavior of the child, the family will be asked to leave the library.

Disruptive Unattended children Over Age 7 Good behavior is expected. Children who do not behave or listen to library staff instructions will be asked to leave the library after one warning. After three dismissals, the situation will be referred to the
Library Director for further disciplinary action. Repeat offenders may be barred by the Library Director for one week to one year. If the child does not cooperate, the Menominee Police will be called.

Children and adults who visit the Library are responsible for picking up books and other materials, toys, games and puzzles that they have used during their visit.

The Children’s Area of the Library is for use by children and families. Persons over 14 years of age, who are not accompanied by a child or children should limit the time spent in this area of the Library to that time needed to locate materials, do research using youth materials, contact a staff member or observe a specific program.

Adopted August 5, 2011