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AtoZ Food America is a database unlike any other on the market today. From regional cookbooks to an exploration of ethnic culinary influences, from fun collections of historic cookbooks and television commercials to “how to” food preparation videos, AtoZ Food America has something sure to educate and entertain everyone.


Benefits Include:


  • Supplement your cookbooks section while saving money on cookbooks
  • Provide patrons with cookbooks on a wider range of cuisine
  • Allow patrons to create their own accounts to save and share their favorite recipes
  • Give local cookbook clubs a resource they can use to easily share recipes without worrying about book checkouts
  • Teach patrons how to properly prepare food with “how to” videos
  • Provide patrons with an educational resource on America’s culinary heritage


Features Include:


  • Cookbooks for all 50 states
  • Cookbooks for six US regions
  • Cookbooks for each of 33 major US ethnic groups
  • 700+ Ingredient Articles
  • 100+ Historic cookbooks dating back to the late 1700s
  • 3,200+ original TV food commercials dating back to the 1940s
  • Food preparation Instruction Videos
  • What Did They Eat? Articles
  • Bartenders’ Guide to Traditional Cocktails