Getting a Library Card

Spies Public Library cards are free to residents of Menominee and Menominee Township.

Library patrons outside the service area may purchase a card at the following fee schedule:
– $15.00 Student
– $25.00 Individual
– $40.00 Family
– $15.00 Summer Resident

To register for a card, bring one of the following forms of identification to the checkout desk at the Library for proof of identification and residency:
– Michigan Driver’s License
– Michigan Identification Card
– Current Vehicle Registration
– Checkbook with printed name and address
– Rental Lease
– Utility Bill
– Property Tax Bill
– Postmarked mail
– Valid Voter Registration Card for an address

Children’s/Student Card – Children may register for a card upon entering Kindergarten. A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required for anyone under 17. A library card will be issued at no charge to any student attending school in Menominee or Menominee Township regardless if they are a resident of Menominee or Menominee Township.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Cards – There is a $1.00 replacement charge for a lost or damaged library card. There is not a replacement charge for a stolen card. Proof of current residency is required at the time a replacement card is issued.

A Spies Public Library card can only be used by the patron to whom the card was issued. Spies Public Library cards are not transferable. A Spies Public Library patron is responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her card and agrees to abide by the Spies Public Library rules, policies and regulations.

The Spies Public Library has contracted with a collection agency to assist in recovering non-returned library materials and unpaid fines. All unresolved accounts over $25.00 will be turned over to Unique Management Services, Inc. and an additional charge of $10.00 will be added to the balance.